Ease Your Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is just one of several unfortunate effects pregnancy brings to a new mom, and it’s a complete misnomer.

Nausea can strike a pregnant woman any time of day, any stage of her pregnancy.

Here are some remedies submitted by moms who battled tummy troubles in their own pregnancies.


  • Eat starches, like pasta, bread and potatoes since they are easier to digest
  • A glass of room-temperature water, you want to stay hydrated
  • Snack on dried papaya and other dried fruits
  • Peppermints or mint tea
  • Grazing throughout the day instead of eating large meals
  • Don’t eat and drink at the same time- drink fluids between meals to avoid a too-full stomach
  • Ginger ale, ginger tea, or DIY ginger ale (equal parts Coke and Sprite)
  • Bland foods like crackers, toast or especially almonds (just as bland with some nutritional value)
  • A liquid diet of smoothies instead of solid food. You can pack them with fruits and veggies to get your nutrients
  • Learn your triggers, like certain smells, and avoid them. Although these may change on a daily basis

If you feel your morning sickness is severe, talk to your OB for suggestions. Certain vitamins or herbal remedies may help, but you always want to check with your doctor first!