Damon: From Legally Blind to Academic Success

Nothing is harder for a mother to hear than the news that there is no treatment for her child. Charity Tchida of Lexington has lived that.

When Charity’s son Damon, now 10, had a routine eye exam before entering preschool at age 4, he was diagnosed with double amblyopia, severe astigmatism and was considered legally blind

“I was shocked,” Tchida said. Damon was stubborn, but he functioned normally and was a bright child.

Optometrists told her nothing could be done for Damon, and she and her son would have to learn how to adapt to his visual limitations.

The family, who lived in Fort Collins, Colo., at the time, sought out Vision Therapy treatment.

After six months, Damon showed some improvement, allowing him to play with puzzles and Legos – something he could not do before.

In May of 2011, the family moved to Kentucky and learned of Dr. Rick Graebe’s Vision Therapy practice in Versailles.

After examining Damon, Dr. Graebe assured Charity that the 30-week program he prescribed would definitely show results if the family was dedicated to the treatment.

“We made this an important thing in our life,” Tchida said. “We really had to be dedicated.”

After 15 weeks, “we noticed dramatic improvement, phenomenal changes,” she said.

Damon’s acuity reading ability and his attitude improved. His confidence soared.

By the end of the Vision Therapy treatments, Damon’s amblyopia had been completely corrected and his vision is 20-25 with his glasses.

Tchida cried when Damon read a chapter of a small-print Bible and then proudly announced, “I can read this!”

He was so excited with his results that he told his mother, “Let’s help others too.”

The Tchida famiy feels strongly that Dr. Graebe’s therapy has made a huge difference in Damon’s life.

Said Tchida: “It’s huge. God put him in our lives to help us and for us to help others.”