Adults Also Benefit From Brain Training

When most people find out about  LearningRx, they probably think of a place to get help for their kids in school.

What people might not realize is that the sort of “brain training” that LearningRx features can be just as helpful for adults, particularly those who wish to advance in their careers.

After all, learning doesn’t stop with graduation, does it?

Brain training, based on some of the newest breakthroughs in brain science, actually rewires the brain by strengthening, reorganizing and creating new neural pathways through a series of customized mental workouts.

Adult brain training allows a person to learn new tasks faster, transition more smoothly into a new environment and concentrate better.

That translates into better overall performance and a possible raise or promotion.

LearningRx breaks down four elements that adults need to reach optimal performance: auditory processing, attention, memory and retention and processing speed.

There are three types of attention skills, and many adults struggle with more than one – divided (enables you to pay attention to several things at once); sustained (enables you to pay attention for long periods of time); and selective (allows you to stay on task even when a distraction is presented).

These different skills can be accurately measured and “retrained” with LearningRx.

Memory affects job performance – you need to remember clients’ names, appointment times, meetings and other important details.

There are also three types of memory. Each one is responsible for specific tasks.

Short-term memory tells you who to call back after sending an e-mail; long-term memory allows you to recall addresses and how to get there; and working memory allows for recall for a short period of time while you are using it, for example when you do a math problem.

LearningRx training can help improve all three.

“Many people assume processing speed has to do with intelligence or education,” said Tanya Mitchell, Vice President of development for LearningRx.

“In reality, it’s just about the number of connections between your brain synapses.

“Cognitive skills training increases these pathways so the brain can find the shortest route to get information from point A to point B.”

LearningRx has answers about how you can use the power of brain training to set yourself apart from the competition.