Who Can Benefit From Brain Training?

Our brains are magnificent machines. They can process every bit of information, every question and every fragment of sensory input at lightning speed so that we can learn, answer, make decisions or just enjoy the moment.

But for the struggling student, these automatic processes often let them down.

Understanding new information becomes difficult and awkward.

Reading that should have been effortless becomes a slow, embarrassing trial.

LearningRx’s brain training (also called cognitive skills training) can reverse this process because it focuses on the underlying problem – weak cognitive skills.

By improving these skills, LearningRx can help students of all ages learn faster and easier.

LearningRx differs from tutoring, which focuses on re-teaching material that a student missed the first time it was presented.

This may work for some students.

But if re-teaching doesn’t work, or only a few days later your child still lacks understanding, the problem may rest at the cognitive skills level, which LearningRx addresses.

That’s why students with ADHD, autism or dyslexia can benefit from brain training.

Other warning signs of struggling students who can be helped include:

  • School gets harder every year.
  • Studying very hard for a test and then failing it.
  • Difficulty in reading out loud.
  • Poor reading and  comprehension.
  • Having to review spelling words every night to pass the test.
  • Counting on fingers.
  • Difficulty learning new concepts such as subtraction, grammar etc.
  • Homework taking three hours when it should take only 30 minutes.

Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and grow, is the science behind brain training and the basis of LearningRx.

The program exposes each student to a customized series of intense mental workouts.

To perform these workouts, the brain is forced to strengthen, reorganize and even create new neural pathways.

In other words, brain training “rewires” the brain to perform more efficiently than ever before.

LearningRx brain training has the power to improve the quality of life and learning for almost all students regardless of their current level of learning or reading success.