Travel Tips for Mom and Dad

The holiday season means plenty of travel for families. If you have little ones in tow, your suitcase count will likely triple. Click here to download our handy checklist for parents to use when packing for infants and toddlers (with a few blank check boxes in case we forgot something- because as parents we inevitably will.)

Packing Checklist for Parents

☐Diapers (bring extras in case of delays or emergencies)


☐Diaper rash cream

☐Changing Pad

☐Plastic bags in various sizes for storing soiled clothes, diapers or trash

☐Extra blanket

☐Hand sanitizer


☐1-2 washcloths or burp clothes for messes

☐A few favorite toys and books

☐A few new toys and books to be given throughout the trip

☐Clothes (2-3 outfits per day, plus pajamas and a back up for any special occasion outfit like dress-up clothes)


☐Socks and shoes

☐Bathing suit (you never know, and it doesn’t take up much packing room)

☐Bibs (Disposable or plastic)

☐Sun or winter hat


☐Extra sippy cups or bottles

☐Plastic bowl, plate and utensils


☐Snack food (for parents and kids)

☐Extra bottles of milk, juice or water

☐First-aid kit (including a list of emergency numbers and extra of any medication your child takes)

☐Toothbrush and toothpaste (for toddlers)

☐Nasal Aspirator


☐Baby-proofing supplies (socket protectors, baby gate, etc, if needed at your destination)

☐Car seat bag (if traveling by plane)


☐Pacifier (plus extras)

For more travel tips, be sure to watch Baby Bump Editor Katie Saltz on ABC36 News At Noon on Thursday, November 1. She will share her favorite travel gear items for kids and parents. Watch the show to see what great giveaways she has!