Where’s Baby in Those Picture Perfect Nurseries?

The pages of a Pottery Barn magazine are the most deceptive things for an expectant parent.

Planning a dream nursery is fun and exciting … and very unrealistic.

Not to say that supreme cuteness cannot be achieved. But those “dream nurseries” we see all over magazine ads and Pinterest pages lack one thing: an actual baby living there.

Within all these beautiful scenes, I notice there is some impractical décor.

For example, where the heck is your Diaper Genie?

Oh, you are going to use that tiny pink wastebasket that matches your curtains?

Fabulous idea! Have fun changing the trash bag seven times a day.

Of course, that French Bistro-inspired crib bedding is gorgeous.

So gorgeous in fact, it’s a shame to know that soon enough it will be covered in spit-up.

I hope you bought plenty of matching sheets, because no matter how hard the diaper companies try, their products are not 100% leak proof.

The countless ceramic jewelry boxes and antique teddy bears are a nice touch.

I’d definitely want to be a child who couldn’t actually play with any of the toys in my room…

I’m not condemning the desire to have a cute nursery.

Creating a space for your baby is an important part of nesting.

I just hope mothers will be realistic when decorating that space.

Realize that bodily fluids will soil many surfaces of this room.

You will have days when you leave laundry on the floor and toys get shoved into whatever bin has more empty space.

Most days you won’t have time to color coordinate the closet.

A picture perfect life isn’t easy to maintain with an infant in the photo shoot.

If you are set on having a catalog nursery, be sure to take lots of photos before you have your baby.

Because that is the last time the room will look like that.