To Mark Our 15th Anniversary, I Vow to Lose (Gulp) 15 Pounds

This next sentence frightens me but here goes. To mark the 15th anniversary of Lexington Family Magazine, I vow to lose 15 pounds by April 13, the date of our 2013 Summer Camp.

Don’t know if I can do it. I’m far from obese, but at 5-11, 185, I could stand to lose weight.

And 15 pounds sounds like a good start. Of course, I haven’t seen 170 pounds since the Carter Administration.

Still, no crazy diets or magic weight loss medicine for me. I intend to lose the old-fashioned way – exercise.

My issue is like many adults. I work at a computer all day. Call me Mr. Sedentary.

But that ends now. I belong to a gym, so there are no excuses.

My weight loss vow coincides with a new program at Lexington Family – our 2013 Fit Family Challenge.

Starting in January, we will choose four local families who accept the fitness challenge and profile their efforts in our January-April issues.

Those issues will include exercise tips, suggestions for family fitness activities and updates on my progress.

We will pair each family with a personal trainer for a free session.

In addition, all four families will be honored at the Camp Fair and receive prizes from our sponsors.

With their personal trainers, the families will be available at our booth at the Camp Fair to answer questions and share fitness suggestions.

Fitness is a top priority for us at Lexington Family. In our state, childhood and adult obesity rates are dangerously high.

If we’re going to reverse that trend, we must start with ourselves. As parents, we can serve as fitness role models for our children.

Along with my vow to lose 15 pounds, I invite you to take our Fit Family Challenge.

If you and your family would like to be profiled in our magazine as you take that challenge, contact me at or 223-1765.