Parent Teacher Store: Craft Corner

Birthday Crown Craft  – perfect for parties!

Using these simple craft items plus a package of Paper Crowns from Parent-Teacher Store,
you can have a party full of princes & princesses!

•    HYG65249 24 Assorted Bright Paper Crowns
•    Liquid glue or glue stick
•    Glitter Pens or Glitter Glue
•    Pipe Cleaners & Pom Pons
•    Foam cut-outs, stickers, feathers & jewels – anything!

•    Punch out the paper crown you want to decorate.
•    Add glitz & embellishments however you like – get creative!
•    As you decorate, make a story of  your prince/princess character and  where you are from. Is it a real or make believe place?
•    Share your stories and crowns with each other and have a day of fun!