Kentucky Theatre to Display Providence Montessori Student Art

Visitors to the Kentucky Theatre this month will be treated to art works by some of the newest young artists in the city.

That’s because the paintings, drawings, sculpture, print-making and fiber art on display in the Theatre’s gallery has been produced by students, aged 5-12, from Providence Montessori.

“It’s an honor, to say the least,” said Carol Hiler, director of the school on Texaco Road in Lexington. “It shows another whole dimension of the Montessori program.”

And what a program it is. Students at Providence study artists such as Picasso, Monet, DaVinci and Kadinsky in the 6-year-old Founders Arts and Activities Building.

The art studio – a roomy, open space – features two looms, three kilns, three potter’s wheels, a slab roller and a printing press, along with traditional paints and easels.

“Our students have the opportunity to explore a diversity of media,” said Sue Martin, Providence art teacher, Providence parent and a fiber artist.

“Art is an avenue of expression where kids can create what they are feeling inside,” Martin said.

She designs projects for the kids that help them express these feelings such as a Mother’s Day project where students created paintings of flowers based on the work of Georgia O’Keefe.

Her students have ample opportunity to express themselves through art during and after the school day.

All students attend a scheduled art class once a week and can choose to work on projects, often with one-on-one time with Martin, during open studio hours three times a week.

Martin also conducts four after-school art classes. During these six-week sessions, young artists experiment with techniques such as papier mache, clay, fiber art, tie-dye, floor painting and more.

Hiler believes the art display at the Kentucky will help educate the community about Montessori.

“Some people think Montessori is structured and specific, with no room for critical thinking and creativity.

“That’s not true. We are developing the whole child,” she said.

You can experience the Providence students’ work at the Kentucky Theatre Art Gallery beginning Labor Day and continuing through September, including the Gallery Hop on Friday, Sept. 21.