Dunbar Golfer Also Has a Perfect Score – 36 on ACT

Corey Lockridge

• School: Dunbar High
• Grade: 12th
• Sport: Golf
• Academics: A member of the prestigious math-science program, Corey scored a perfect 36 on his ACT and is a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist.
• Parents: Diana & Randy

Corey Lockridge of Dunbar High is all about numbers.

A senior in the prestigious math-science magnet program at Dunbar, Corey plays at No. 1 on the school’s golf team.

Perhaps like no other sport, golf is numbers driven, and for Corey and his game, it all adds up.

His lowest competitive score – 71. And he has shot that 5 times.

Top 10 finishes this year in high school tournaments – 3.

His handicap – 0.3

His most proud moment this season – Dunbar won 3 straight tournaments.

Those are impressive numbers, but they take a back seat to this one – 36.

That’s what he recorded on his ACT – a perfect score.

Corey also is a National Merit Scholarship semifinalist, placing him among the most accomplished students in the city.

En route to a weighted GPA of 4.84, Corey has aced every course in high school – and he takes nothing but difficult classes.

He has scored 5’s on four AP tests and is taking AP English and AP physics this year.

Corey also is working on an ambitious research project. Every other day, he travels to the biodynamics lab at UK for a project that fits like a golf glove – the anatomy of the golf swing.

Corey is recruiting high school and college golfers and measuring their swing speed to determine whether there is difference between the traditional swing and the stack and tilt approach.

“We’re using video game technology and will calculate joint angles of the body to see if there is a difference and why,” Corey said.

The project is math-based science, which is Corey’s preference. “I’ve always loved math and it comes easy to me,” he said. “Anything number-based, I like.”

His fascination with numbers was evident as a 6-year-old when he already was pouring over baseball box scores.

“He has the ability to truly focus,” his mother Diana said. “He will be sitting at the table with his physics homework while everyone is talking. He’ll look up and talk to his dad about sports for a minute and then go right back to his homework.”

Corey brings that focus to golf, where he is a late bloomer. As a freshman at Dunbar he barely made the JV team.

He worked exceptionally hard on his game, and the summer before his junior year he was the 15-16-year-old Player of the Year on the Musselman-Dunne youth tour and now plays No. 1 at Dunbar.

“He always had a good short game, and he grew about eight inches in high school so his length finally caught up with his short game,” his father Randy said.

“We’re very proud of the progress he has made.”

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