Tiger Kim Adds Rock Climbing Wall

In time for summer vacation, Tiger Kim’s Taekwondo Academy in Lexington has completed an expansion of its training area and has installed a 10-foot high, 24-foot wide rock climbing wall scaled to fit all children.

Tiger Kim, a Taekwondo Grandmaster who also holds a doctorate degree from UK in political science, has doubled his studio space from 2,600 to 5,200 square feet, including three different training areas, a large waiting space for parents, offices and a meeting area.

Taekwondo focuses on kicking and training the lower part of the body, so the rock climbing wall will help students build upper body strength in a fun and active setting.

The rock climbing wall will be used as part of Taekwondo training and also for special occasions such as birthday parties, leadership training, field trips and summer camps.

Tiger Kim offers half-day and all-day summer camps, featuring martial arts, self-defense, play drills and, of course, climbing on the new rock wall.

Study time also is included in each camp session.

“We do not want kids to have only fun during the summer and forget what they learned during the school year,” Grandmaster Tiger Kim said.

During this study hour, students will read books, work on math sheets for next semester, and learn foreign languages and culture.

“In our academy, we try to educate our students to be good in both physical activity and academics, with good manners and positive attitudes, and to be well-rounded individuals in a global society,” he said.

Opened in 2010, Tiger Kim’s academy now has more than 120 active students and 20 classes per week.

The academy is one of the few schools in Kentucky that is officially certified and licensed by Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo Headquarters).

Tiger Kim teaches Olympic Style Taekwondo and has produced numerous medal winners in national tournaments the past two years.

The school was voted as the best martial arts program by Lexington Family Magazine readers the past two years.

Info: Tiger Kim’s Taekwondo Academy is at 3601 Palomar Centre Dr. 296-0088 or www.tigerkimtkd.com