A Handy-Washing Helper

We want our children to learn good hand-washing habits, so why not make it easier around the house? You can make your own faucet extender to help little arms reach the water using materials you already have on hand!

You will need:

  • A baby shampoo, lotion or baby wash bottle, thoroughly washed and dried
  • Scissors or utility knife (depending on the thickness of your bottle plastic)
  • Duct tape

Step One: Cut top of the bottle off using your scissors

Step Two: Cut a “river” down to the end of the bottle.

I then lined the open edges with duct tape to avoid any sharp plastic.

Step Three: Cut a notch in the bottom of the bottle at the end of the river.

Make the notch wide enough for your faucet to rest in it.

Step Four: Fit your faucet into the notch and angle slightly downward.

Again, I lined the exposed plastic edge with duct tape for safety.

Step Five: Use duct tape to secure the bottle to the faucet.

Step Six: Grab a step stool and tell your little ones to wash up!