“Trying to Control My Potty Mouth”

My 18-month-old is like a little macaw. She tends to repeat the last word of whatever I say.

Which is par for the course with a toddler learning to talk.

“Let’s put on your shoe.”
“Want me to pick you up?”

This is usually adorable –until mommy’s potty-mouth kicks in.

I haven’t heard my precious baby utter any four-letter zingers yet, but I know it’s long past time to G-rate our language.

I don’t have an extremely dirty mouth. It’s not like I listen to uncensored rap albums in the car with my baby.

I don’t think my reality show would involve too many bleeps.

But I am like any human. I often want to tell that person who just cut me off on Nicholasville Road during rush hour to go to. . . a very warm place reserved for bad people.

The other day I started to release my anger on a driver who almost hit me in a parking lot.

With CeCe in the backseat I ended up shouting “You son-of-a. . . silly-billy! Go HUG your-self!”

Even if I cut out the occasional obscenity, I realized I am still saying things like “stupid,” “dumb,” and “idiot” often, even if I am just describing whatever celebrity is on E! News at the moment.

I would chastise my child for calling someone stupid or an idiot, so these words need to go as well. People will now be referred to as:

  • Do-do birds
  • Goof heads
  • Silly gooses
  • Crazy pants
  • “Maybe she is smart in other ways.”

I know that I might slip up in front of my kid one day.

I just hope I can catch myself, apologize and explain why we shouldn’t say that word (whether it be “stupid” or start with the same sound as “Shooooo.”)

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