Step-by-Step Swaddling

Swaddling your baby can create the sense of warmth and comfort a newborn needs. You can buy special Velcro blankets to keep baby snug, or simply use any soft cloth blanket by folding properly. Our guide with photos will help you wrap the perfect baby burrito.

Step One: Lay the blanket flat and fold one corner, creating a straight edge.

Step Two: Place the baby with his head above the folded edge.

Step Three: Bring baby’s right arm down and cross the right side of the blanket over his body. Tuck in the blanket under baby’s back. (If you have a wiggly one who prefers to have arms free, just cross the blanket under the baby’s armpit.)

Step Four: Fold the bottom corner of the blanket up.

Step Five: Cross the left side of the blanket over baby’s body

(with baby’s left arm at his side or with the blanket under his right armpit.)

Step Six: Tuck in the blanket under his body.

Step Seven: Snuggle your baby!

Remember- swaddling is not about keeping the baby immobile. You don’t want to end up with a baby straight jacket, but a soft place where they can feel secure.

Make sure you leave room for the baby to move his legs. Swaddling an infant with his legs in an extended position increases the risk of hip dysplasia, the instability of loose joints that can result in dislocation. The International Hip Dysplasia Institute recommends the hips and knees be slightly flexed when swaddling, and leave some space for free movement.

Special thanks to our baby model Sam Palmer, and his parents, Baby Bump readers Nick and Savannah of Richmond.