Michelle Watson Marra

Name: Michelle Watson Marra

Age: 41

Family Tree: Husband: Mike Marra; Children: Michael 19, Megan 16, Jonathan 14, Christopher 12

Occupation: Public Health Nurse

Claim to Fame: Senior Team Leader for School Health Nursing at Lexington-Fayette County Health Department

Mission Statement: “Healthy, educated children grow   into healthy, educated adults. Our community has a vested interest in ensuring that our students are healthy and at school where they can learn. All children need to  be at their healthiest and in class in order to learn and  grow to their full potential. To accomplish this we need to have a School Nurse in their building every day to address the acute, chronic and often complex medical needs of our students.”

Passions: Crafts, scrapbooking, traveling with her   husband and trying new foods and wine.

On Parenting: “As a parent, you have to be present and involved. You also have to allow your children to make  and learn from their own mistakes. It’s not easy.”