Heather French Henry Praises Christian Author’s Series

Pastor Dave Stone provides creative tips on how to encourage spiritual disciplines in children that will help them practice their faith for a lifetime in his book, “Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord.” This is the first installment of his new “Faithful Families” series.

As an experienced father of three and husband of 27 years, Stone writes to Christian families on becoming the parents their children need.

Topics he addresses include the importance of praying for and with children, keeping God’s verbal and visual message in the home, and God’s spiritual roles for parents.

“Christian homes don’t just happen, neither do kids who love the Lord,” Stone said.

The first installment was released in early May, and the second installment, “Building Family Ties With Faith, Love & Laughter,” was released at the end of May.

Although the typical family is busy with work, school and church, Stone gives parents creative tools to reprioritize their lives and create a peaceful family life.

Heather French Henry, former Miss America from Kentucky, praised  “Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter,” saying, “As a mother of three small children, I found this book to be a wonderful tool full of timely and practical advice.”

The books are published by Thomas Nelson, Inc., the world’s leading provider of Bibles, inspirational books and digital content.

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