A ‘Less Stress’ Shower

A baby shower can quickly turn into a thunderstorm if you feel overwhelmed or unprepared. Here is a collection of tips from real moms, from things they did to things they wish they had done differently.

  • Hand out envelopes to your guests to address to themselves and leave in a cute basket before they leave. This makes mailing thank-you notes much easier.
  •  Have a secretary. When opening gifts ask a friend to sit beside you with a notepad. She can write down a brief description of each gift and who gave it, for thank you notes.
  •  Hold a “Diaper Raffle.” Guests “buy” raffle tickets by bringing a pack of diapers. Have a nice prize for this event, the diapers you get will be worth it!
  •  Disposable cameras aren’t just fun for wedding receptions. Have one at each table and ask guests to play photographer.
  •  Have a potluck. Ask friends to bring an appetizer or dessert to cut down on the cost and work for you. Even your culinary-challenged friends can bring drinks, or paper plates and cups.
  •  Stick to foods that are easy to snack on while you mingle.
  •  Cupcakes instead of one big cake are easier to eat and decorate. “Centerpieces” can be made from toothpicks and stickers, squishy candies, scrapbooking decorations, or plenty of items found at a dollar store.
  •  If you are doing gifts for game winners, have a few extra on hand in case of a tie.
  •  Consider games where you can play throughout the shower instead of declaring a “Game Time” and getting everyone’s attention.
  •  Name tags! Especially if you have a demographically diverse guest list.
  • Have a cute notebook circulating for guests to write a note to the baby. When your baby is older you can give her the book to see how loved she was before she was even born!

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