Adult Day Programs: A Well-Kept Secret

By Margaret McCoskey

With the aging of our society, we realize an ever greater need for alternative choices of services, resources and housing options.

And we want all of these choices to keep us safer and healthier for longer periods of time.

For many, staying safer and healthier means remaining in our own homes or in a “home-type” setting.

But how do we achieve this goal and at what expense to our own well-being?

There are alternative choices and one of these is Adult Day Programs.

In my new capacity as Community Relations Manager with Christian Care Communities, I am discovering that many people do not fully understand the term, “Adult Day.”

Nor do they realize the benefits a loved one can receive from participating in such a program.

So, I hope the following will answer some frequently asked questions.

* What is Adult Day? *
Adult Day features a center that provides a safe, friendly environment filled with activities, meals/snacks, socialization and in some cases, medical intervention if required.

There are social models and medical models. Some are dementia specific, for those with memory decline.

The participant can arrive in the morning as early as 7:30 and stay until 5:30 p.m.

Most centers are flexible with full day and/or half-day options.

* Why choose an Adult Day Program? *
Primarily, it enhances socialization for the participant and enables family members to continue working.
Adult Day also:

  • Offers a much needed break to caregivers, who are reassured their loved one is well cared for throughout the day.
  • Provides opportunities for activities ranging from crafts, music, exercise and gardening.
  • Assures oversight by a trained professional during the time participants are away from their home settings.

* What are the costs? *
Depending on the program, costs can be covered by private pay, LTC insurance, sliding-scale fee, or a Medicaid waiver.

Often meals and/or snacks are included. In some cases transportation can be covered, especially for a Medicaid participant.

* How do I access Adult Day? *
Place a call to the center of your choice and explain an interest in the program.

An assessment will be set up with a case manager, who will walk you through the process of application and documentation that is required.

* What are my options locally? *
We are fortunate in Lexington because we have four programs from which to choose, based on a person’s mental, physical and financial needs.

1 & 2) Christian Care Communities operates the Best Friends Center, which is dementia specific. Second Presbyterian Church, 460 East Main St.
The Christian Adult Day Center is a medical model and accepts Medicaid reimbursement. 516 Maryland Avenue.

3) Active Adult Day is a medical model, accepts, Medicaid reimbursement, and is for those 18 and older. 2432 Regency Road.

4) Cardinal Hill Adult Day is focused on younger adults with an average age of 20 years who have health and disability issues. 2050 Versailles Road.

With the availability of day programs for our loved ones, the choice of remaining safer and healthier in home settings can be a realization.