Cute and Comfort for Baby’s Legs

Fashion isn’t just for the runway- it can be for the changing table too. Baby leg warmers were trendy for little ones this winter, and also can make diaper changes a little easier.

Aidan plays in his dinosaur baby leg warmers, which mom Lori loves.

Lori J., a Kentucky mom, loves the cuteness and convenience that Baby Legs provide for her 11-month-old son Aidan. She said the leg warmers keep his legs nice and cozy but make unsnapping a onesie a breeze.

“These are one of my favorite little things for Aidan. They come in handy just being in the house. They make diaper changes so much easier, since you don’t have to fight the baby to get pants back on!”

Lori bought Aidan’s dinosaur leg warmers from, but suggests making your own out of children’s knee-high or tube socks. 

You can cut off the socks at the ankle, and then cut the toe and heel of the foot part of the sock. Measure a strip of elastic to be snug (but not tight) above your child’s ankle, then use the foot part of the sock as casing for the elastic. Sew the foot strip with the elastic now inside to the bottom of the sock, slip on your little one’s legs and let them play in style!.