Ashley Boyd Gann

Name: Ashley Boyd Gann

Age: 42

Family Tree: Husband: Scott. Children: Jackson 8, Alex 6

Occupation: Self-employed independent evaluator who works with non-profits

Claim to Fame: Founder and Executive Director of Sweet Blessings, a birthday cake charity.

Mission Statement: “Children need to know they are special and loved – especially on their birthday. Unfortunately, because of their financial situation, many families in our community are not able to do anything for their children on their birthdays.  Sometimes, the child’s birthday isn’t even acknowledged.  For these children, receiving a “Cake Boss” style birthday cake gives a sense of joy and being valued that they will never forget.” (

Passions: Reading, spinning, creating a sense of community

On Parenting: “Parenting is hard, and I make mistakes every day. However, when all is said and done, if my children know they are loved unconditionally by me and by God, I have done my job.”