Sts. Peter & Paul Has Become ‘SCAPA Without the Auditions’

A Catholic school education with an emphasis on art is not the norm for parochial schools, but Sts. Peter and Paul School in downtown Lexington is an exception.

Thanks in part to the state-of-the-art theater in its new building, the school curriculum now includes, drama, photography and all forms of art.

Sts. Peter and Paul is creating its own version of SCAPA — but without the auditions, Principal Cathy Cybriwsky said.

The school in grades 1-8 has an art and photography club, a kiln for making pottery and is a stop on the Gallery Hop, where students can display their artwork.

Research shows that involvement in the arts leads to academic improvement.

“There is incredible evidence that involving kids in arts can make them learn better,” Cybriwsky said.

This year middle-schoolers performed “Seussical the Musical,” doing all the stage and technical work.

Fourth and fifth graders will perform “The Wizard of Oz,” and the younger grades are planning a production of their own.

The next step is to make the entire curriculum more arts-inclusive, starting next year.

“For kids whose needs aren’t met in the traditional classroom, this gives them an opportunity to express themselves other than with pencil and paper,” Cybriwsky said.