Montessori High Goes Green

Montessori High School is working to make Lexington greener, one reusable bag at a time.

To raise money for an upcoming school trip abroad, students are selling ChicoBags, which are small, brightly-colored reusable bags that fold into a pouch and can be clipped onto backpacks or purses. Students received seed money to buy 20 ChicoBags and will use the money they make from selling the bags to buy more bags so they learn how a business works while fundraising.

Montessori High is a private non-profit school, operating in partnership with UK’s College of Education and located on UK’s campus. It’s in its first year of operation, and it follows the Montessori educational approach of learning by doing.

The ChicoBag fundraiser will run through March. Bags cost $6.

Info: or 317-5245.