LCT ‘Flips the Script’

The Lexington Children’s Theatre is flipping the script in March with a production that will not be performed by the usual actors, but by the staff.

Staff members were given the challenge to form a group named 3for300 with the mission of putting on three different shows, on three different days, rehearsing three weeks per show, with a total audience of 300 people.

Artistic Director Vivian Snipes wants to show the “…different abilities of our regular staff by taking them out of their comfort zone to explore different aspects of their field, for example, giving the lighting designer the opportunity to act onstage, or an actor to be in charge of marketing and designing the set.

“Most of our patrons know our staff and have seen them with their usual hats, and they will be able to see them in a new perspective.”

The first production for 3for300, picked by Snipes, is “Salt & Pepper” by Jose Cruz Gonzalez.

“Salt & Pepper” tells the heartfelt story of a boy and a girl named Salt & Pepper, and explores the relatable themes of learning, dreaming and the strong ties that bind family together.

The next two shows from 3for300 will be announced to the staff immediately after “Salt & Pepper” is wrapped up.

Performance dates for “Salt & Pepper” are March 2 and 23 at 7 p.m. at the LCT Learning Stage, 418 W. Short St.

The shows are free with a suggested donation of $3 that will be donated to the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning.

Only 100 people can attend each show due to limited space.

Info: 254-4546 ext. 300.