Mother Nurture: Donor Milk Project

Mother Nurture – a Breastfeeding Resource Center and Baby Boutique in Lexington – has joined forces with the Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank to collect donor human milk.

Carefully screened donors can bring human milk to Mother Nurture’s Milk Depot, where it will be frozen and stored until it is transported to IMMB, which provides pasteurized donor human milk to ill or premature infants throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

“We regularly receive calls from Lexington area moms interested in donating their extra storage of expressed milk,” said Cerise Bouchard, Mother Nurture owner.

“Our staff is honored to help make it more convenient for such a precious donation, while increasing the availability of human milk for babies.”

Jessica Santangelo of Richmond is a current IMMB human milk donor. She said this new depot in Lexington could reach mothers who weren’t aware of milk donation.

“Having the depot in Lexington is a great opportunity to give donors a convenient location to drop off their milk,” she said “but it will also reach mothers who come to Mother Nurture for classes, play groups or to shop who don’t know about human milk donation and Indiana Mothers’ Milk Bank.