Choose Wisely When Shopping for Child With Special Needs

Choosing a gift for a child can be a challenge, especially if it’s a child you don’t know well, perhaps one of your child’s classmates or a cousin who lives far away.

The challenge spikes when the child has special challenges such as ADHD.

That 200-piece building set may be the perfect gift for your child, but not so much for a child whose attention span is limited.

Here are some suggestions to remember when you go shopping for a child with ADHD.

High Energy
Kids with ADHD often have lots of energy and need a way to burn that off.
Choose outdoor toys that encourage movement like ball games, obstacle courses and toy parachutes.

Pay Attention to Time

When choosing a board game, look for one that can be played quickly without complex rules.

Let’s Pretend

Toys that encourage imaginative play are always a good choice, such as dress-up clothes, hand puppets, stuffed animals, action figures and small plastic animals. Puppet theaters, play houses and floor mats printed with roads or train tracks also make good gifts.

Don’t Go Overboard

Kids with ADHD can become frustrated and discouraged if they can’t complete a task. Avoid puzzles with large numbers of pieces or giant building sets with complicated instructions.
Instead choose building sets that allow creativity.

Be Creative

Art and craft supplies that can be used in open-ended ways are good choices. Washable markers, twist-up crayons, finger paints, pipe cleaners, pom-poms, craft sticks and glue are always fun.

Stephanie and Joanne Oppenheim from the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio ( recommend the following toys for kids with ADHD.