Take Time Out for You During Holidays

Is it possible that Thanksgiving has already come and gone? Is it that time of year to hit the malls and shop ‘til you drop?

Or am I just dreaming that this year is about to come to a conclusion and another one about to begin?

For most of us, the perception is that this year went by faster than the year before.

As our children grow older and become engaged in more and more activities, the days seem to fly by for parents and grandparents who are scheduling their own lives around their kids.

Suddenly, we look up and another year has come and gone.

During these busy times, many parents forget to take care of themselves.

Stress comes when we cram too much on our calendars.

These extra activities leave little time for recuperation and rest.

Although some individuals are able to cope with stress better than others, the stress associated with a calendar full of activities can lead some members of your family to experience increased blood pressure and a weakened immune system.

I encourage parents to set aside time to sit back and reflect on what your family has accomplished during 2011.

  •  Ask yourself: Were all of the activities we participated in self-fulfilling?
  • Could we have been happier and less stressed as a family if we had chosen different activities or eliminated some of them?
  • Did staying busy prevent us from eating healthy, exercising adequately and getting enough rest?
  • Once you have answered these questions, you are on your way to making an activities plan for 2012 that will help reduce your stress and provide opportunities to include healthy activities in your schedule.
  • Consider scheduling the following on your 2012 calendar:
  • Rest & Relaxation
  • Preparation time to make (and eat) healthy meals
  • Exercise
  • Quiet time with family
  • Date night with spouse  (no kids allowed!)
  • Dental check-up
  • Doctor’s appointment.

Good luck and have a healthy, relaxing holiday season.