Carnegie Center Director Will Emphasize Family Offerings

With new Executive Director Neil Chethik at the helm of the Carnegie Center for Literacy  and Learning, families can expect continued emphasis on the Center’s many programs for children.

“We want to encourage reading and a love of books,” said Chethik, a local author and writing coach.

“We celebrate great books and great children’s books.”

Chethik, who first came to the Carnegie Center for help with his own writing, plans to continue the successful programs at the Center and start a few new ones of his own.

Free after-school tutoring programs will still be offered and staffed with trained volunteers and teachers.

The Center intends to reach out to parents. Family Fun and Learning Nights are scheduled eight times a year.

The Center helps parents understand the importance of supporting children in school and creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere at home.

The Carnegie Center plans to continue its popular summer camps, which are designed to make learning fun with topics such as grow your own food, architecture, iron chef,  budgeting and sportswriting.

The Carnegie Center, in its quest to serve people of all ages, has many adult programs as well.

“What I love about the Carnegie Center is that it is for all people — preschool, middle school, young adults and senior citizens,” Chethik said.

“We promote and champion writing and reading through the whole life cycle.”

Chethik reflects the Center’s love of reading and writing. He is a distinguished writer who has published two books: “FatherLoss” and “VoiceMale,” and was a newspaper reporter and syndicated columnist.

The Carnegie Center’s chairwoman, Eileen O’Brien, says she is excited about the qualities Chethik brings to the job.

“Neil has shown a longstanding commitment to the Carnegie Center, and he will bring enthusiasm, energy and a distinguished record as a writer,” she said. “We welcome his vision and leadership.”