Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle

School has started — which is a good time for your family to start living a healthier lifestyle.

As parents, you can set an example of a balanced lifestyle by being active, eating healthy, and showing your children how great you feel.

With hope, they’ll join your effort.

As you start your journey to live healthier, make sure you include fun activities for everyone in the family and include the kids in meal planning.  This makes it easier to accomplish your goals.

Nutrition Tips

  • Eat vitamin- and mineral-rich foods: fruits, vegetables, whole grains and low- or nonfat dairy.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Make home-cooked nutritious meals instead of eating out.
  • Eat meals together.
  • Turn off computers, televisions and game systems and enjoy conversation.
  • Don’t skip breakfast.  Breakfast helps active families get the fuel they need to think faster and more clearly.
  • Don’t eat because you’re bored, sad or angry.
  • Keep healthy snacks on hand. Making small changes to the way your family eats can improve your health considerably. The key is to keep choosing healthy foods and stay in touch with your family doctor, so he or she knows how you are doing.

Exercise Tips

  • Get 30 to 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Use 10-15 minute sessions to reach your goal.
  • Limit screen time. No more than one hour a day of TV, computer and video game time.
  • Take a walk, bike ride, or go swimming as a family. Because kids are often involved in sports, they may have more opportunities to get exercise than you do.  Try these simple tips to do more walking.
  • Park the car in a spot farther away from your office, school or store.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Use an exercise machine while watching television.
  • Walk to do errands.
  • Walk around the ball fields or courts while your kids are practicing.

Balanced nutrition and regular exercise are good for your health, even if your weight never changes.

Try to set goals that you have a good chance of reaching.