Keep Your Birthing Video Off Facebook

We are entering a new world of  pregnancy innovation…

Our grandmothers never envisioned how common epidurals would be, or baby monitors that rival the White House security system.

I doubt they thought women would be sharing every little detail about labor and delivery on the Internet, but that is where we have landed.

It seems a woman’s uterus now requires its own Facebook page.

I am part of a generation that has many online outlets to share what we had for lunch, what is playing on our iPods, or anything on our minds that happens to be 140 characters or less.

So it is inevitable that as we mature into mothers and fathers we carry that habit with us into parenthood.

Last month I “friended” an old high school pal on Facebook, and within minutes revoked that decision.

Why? Because I saw the words “4 centimeters dilated” in a status update.

I’ve been told by other moms that social media is the best way to keep your family and close friends updated on your preg-nancy. Really? All 547 of your close friends?

There is a line to be drawn. If you felt the baby kick for the first time, that is something worth sharing, that is exciting!

If you lost your mucous plug today, keep it between you and your OB.

Your first thought when the baby is crowning should not be “Quick honey, get a Twitpic!”

People are announcing pregnancies over Facebook instead of face-to-face.

Is a “like” the same as an actual hug?

I enjoy getting updates about my friends’ babies when life gets too busy for a personal report.

I want to know your registry is ready, that the baby is healthy or if you are just counting down the days in excitement.

But there is no need to share how many times you’ve had to pee today, or that “baby Chloe is grumpy, she made mommy puke up her breakfast burrito.”


Maybe I’m just an old grouch at 23. I understand the need to share details of your pregnancy.

Just don’t be surprised if I’m suddenly no longer your Facebook friend after you post your birthing video on your wall.