Doraine Bailey

Name: Doraine Bailey

Age: 48

Family Tree: Husband: Robert Tincher. Child: Emily, 17

Occupation: International Board Certified lactation consultant for Lex.-F.C. Health Dept.

Claim to Fame: Public voice in Kentucky for breastfeeding protection, promotion and support

Mission Statement: “Part of the fundamental nature of mothering as a human is breastfeeding. Yet so many women miss this opportunity because of arbitrary barriers. Breastfeeding is not about tying a woman down, or robbing her of social or economic opportunity. It is about growing a mother to confidently nurture a generation.”

Passions: Yoga, meditation, knitting, gardening

On Parenting: “As my daughter grows, I have to grow, too. Parents cannot cling to the past nor set the future in stone. They have to be responsive and trustworthy with their families in this present moment.”