New Crib Safety Standards Now in Effect

As a result of the high number of crib safety-related incidents since 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission recently enacted new crib safety standards, applicable to both full-size and non-full-size cribs.

Effective June 28, anyone who manufactures or sells cribs (including second-hand shops and online auction sites) must be in compliance with the new standards.

The new requirements do not allow the manufacture or sale of traditional drop-side cribs. This strictly bans the sale of drop-side cribs and is not a recall of this specific type crib. Cribs that have swing-down gates on one side are not affected.

Additionally, the new standards provide for several improvements including:

  • Stronger mattress supports
  • Strengthening crib slats to withstand more pressure
  • Making crib hardware more durable
  • More rigorous testing
  • More visible and informative safety warning labels

The new standards apply only to cribs that are currently for sale. Cribs being used in consumers’ homes, regardless of when they were purchased, are not affected and do not need to be replaced.

These standards also apply to any cribs used in day cares, churches and hotels. These establishments have until December 2012 to comply.

Consumers should not sell or donate a crib that does not meet the new standards.

Second-hand and consignment shops are not allowed to sell non-compliant cribs. If you choose to buy a crib from this type of store, be sure that you are provided with a certificate of compliance to confirm that the crib meets the new CPSC 16CFR1219 standards.

It is important to note that the new CPSC standards are not a recall of any crib and in no way imply that any crib not meeting these standards is unsafe.

The consumer is free to use any crib. The standards are to ensure that cribs for sale are the safest cribs possible.
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