Helping Your Child Adjust to A New School

The most difficult back-to-school times for both parents and kids are those transition years when students are changing schools.
Use these tips to help ease the stress for students and parents.

1.    Work with your child on self-help skills. Make sure he is comfortable with dressing, getting a coat on unaided,  hand washing, toileting, zipping, putting away toys.
2.    Teach your child to say her full name, address and phone number.
3.    Make a trip to the school and explore the playground.
4.    Review the drop-off and pick-up procedures with your child. Find the bus stop, or drive to the school and check out the pick-up and drop-off locations.
5.    Attend orientation or open houses offered by your school.  Fayette County Public Schools is hosting the Kindergarten Kick-off  this summer with events from the  end of May through Aug. 6. Make an appointment at your school to attend a session on Monday, Aug. 1 Celebrate “Countdown to Kindergarten” with the Lex. Legends on Tuesday, Aug. 2 at 6 p.m. Attend “Countdown to Kindergarten” Pool Day at Southland, Tates Creek, Woodland and Castlewood pools on Saturday, Aug. 6.

Middle  School
1.    Attend your school’s orientation.  Sometimes the programs go by names like “Camp” or “Boot Camp.” Incoming 6th-graders will  meet their classmates, tour the classrooms, meet the teachers and  learn what will be expected of them.
2.    Practice unlocking a combination lock until your child feels comfortable enough to do it.
3.    Check out your school’s website for clubs your school sponsors.  Joining a club offers more  opportunities for students to make new friends.
4.    Make sure to purchase your school’s planner for students, or  purchase one at an office supply store. Having a planner to keep track of assignments and test  schedules is critical. Work with your child on how to use the  planner most efficiently.
5.    Get your school supplies organized. Because middle school students move from class to class, they will need different sets of supplies for each class. Try color coordinating folders, notebooks and book covers so that finding the  proper supplies is quick and easy.

High School
1.    Attend your school’s orientation.  Sometimes the programs go by names like “Camp” or “Boot Camp.”
2.    Help your child develop good study habits. Make sure she has a quiet place, free from distractions to do homework.
3.    Practice organizational skills. Buy a planner for your student to keep up with homework assignments. In it, include teachers’ webpages and e-mail addresses.
4.    Find out about clubs, teams and extracurricular activities. Getting  involved can help your children make new friends and feel like they “fit in.”
5.    Learn how to access your child’s grades on-line. You and your child can keep track of assignments, grades and attendance on your computer.