Cerise Bouchard

Name: Cerise Bouchard

Age: 32

Family Tree: Husband: Craig Caudill. Children: Garrett, 5, Remy, 2

Occupation: Owner of Mother Nurture, a maternity store

Claim to Fame: President of Lactation Improvement Network of Kentucky

Mission Statement: “I have the privilege of working with families when they are at their most vulnerable and sensitive as they welcome a new baby. I get more satisfaction from supporting moms in following their inner wisdom and becoming the expert for their own baby than anything else. I believe we best serve families when we provide a warm, caring atmosphere that supports parents in achieving their own authentic parenting experience.”

Passions: Parenting, camping with family and reading a good book

On parenting: “All moms have an inner wisdom and intuition about what is best for their baby and family. As a parent, I have only regretted decisions that I allowed others to influence when my gut was telling me something different.”

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