Anita Courtney

Name: Anita Courtney

Age: 54

Family Tree: Husband: Jake Gibbs; Children: Delia 20, Delaney 18

Occupation: Public Health Nutritionist

Claim to Fame: Chairperson of Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition

Mission Statement: “Eating well and being active are so basic to children’s well-being and development. As a culture we’ve let kids down in these areas. Children live in a world where fast food restaurants lure them with toys and mascots. Soda and energy drinks have all but displaced water, and children spend seven hours a day on average being entertained by an array of screens.
“As a result our kids are developing serious health problems with lifelong implications. It is crucial that we as adults make healthy habits a way of life for children.

Passions: Yoga, meditation and backyard chickens

On parenting: “Being a mother is the most heartfelt, illuminating and challenging journey I have taken. I am grateful every day.

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