Making Memories at Baby Belly

For many pregnant women, the first ultrasound is a medical procedure, done around 20 weeks, in a doctor’s office surrounded by white coats and high-tech equipment.

Afterward, the expectant parents take home a two-dimensional photo or a grainy video showing a rough outline of their baby to share with friends and family.

At Baby Belly Pregnancy Spa and Imaging Center, that first peek at baby is a whole new experience.

Expectant parents view 3D images and live 4D action of their baby in a quiet, comfortable room that feels more like a spa than a medical facility.

Family members can join in the experience seated on comfy couches, watching the whole procedure on a large, flat-screen TV. Ultrasounds are performed by ARDMS-certified sonographers, with between seven and fifteen years experience working with an obstetrician.

“My patients continue to rave about their experiences at Baby Belly. I have personally reviewed the credentials of their staff and find them to be highly qualified,” said Dr. Jennifer Fuson, OB/GYN at Lexington Women’s Health.

As early as 16 weeks, Baby Belly can tell expecting parents the gender of their new addition and the best time for 4D Ultrasounds for most women is between 27-32 weeks.

“Parents just can’t wait for an ultrasound,” said Crystal Nichols, owner of Baby Belly.
And Nichols should know — she’s a Baby Belly client herself.

She opened Baby Belly in 2008, too late for 5-year-old son A.J., but in time for Macey, her 9-month-old daughter.

“It’s an experience like no other,” Nichols said.

When Baby Belly opened, it was the second in the nation to combine ultrasound imaging and a maternity spa under one roof; to date there are only five. Baby Belly offers an array of services in its 2,000 square-foot, well-appointed location in Hamburg Pavilion.

In a cozy, warm setting, clients can enjoy preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum massages, pedicures and manicures, facials, maternity photos, and unique pregnancy safe products and gifts.

It’s not just the unique amenities that bring clients to Baby Belly but the caring, family-like atmosphere.

Ask Nancy Gatewood of Lexington.

Gatewood first came to the spa for preconception massages when she and her husband were undergoing In Vitro Fertilization. And in May she became a proud mother of a beautiful baby boy.

During her pregnancy she enjoyed an Ultrasound, the pregnancy massages, belly casting, great products and Maternity Photos by Robin Allen Photography. Baby Belly even helped with the aches and pains with a postpartum massage in the hospital two days after delivery.

“Baby Belly has been there every step of the way, and they are all excited for us, the experience they provide is different, better, more rewarding and much more personable,” said Gatewood.

And that is exactly what Nichols was hoping for.

“It’s everything I thought it would be and more. I love it.”