Kids’ Beds Have Become Virtual Playgrounds

“Kids are special… make their rooms special too.”

That’s pretty much the philosophy taken at Baby’s Room & Kids Too, the baby and kids furniture and accessories store located on Nicholasville Road between K-Mart and GattiTown.

Bud and Donna Spoerl, and their daughter Kristin, have owned Baby’s Room & Kids Too for nearly 20 years.

For the past 16 years, they have focused their attention on making the “& Kids Too” portion as fun and imaginative as possible.

Carrying such brands as Berg, Maxtrix and Bolton, the Spoerls offer one of the state’s largest selections of fun and functional kids bedroom furniture.

Walking through their showroom, you’ll find loft bed systems that take function to a new level of fun for kids.

Dressers, desks, shelves and corkboards are incorporated with loft and bunk beds to create unlimited sleep, study and storage options whenever bedroom floor space is limited.

Berg’s “Build-A-Bed” system allows for customizing your child’s loft bed to his individual wants and needs within the space available.

And instead of ladders to the top bed, many of the Berg units offer stairs that also double as storage drawers.

There’s no such thing as “enough space” for a child.

There goes all the clutter.

Some of the built-in features feed a child’s imagination like loft beds with built-in lighted playhouses, beds that turn into castles and tents with a few simple additions.

The Spoerls feel that parents should buy their child furniture only once, and the bed systems they offer are designed to adapt and grow with the child.

And if more storage is needed, there are dressers, chests and desks that will coordinate with any of the beds or lofts.

Wall art, toy boxes, table and chair sets, and rocking chairs round out the possibilities to keep any kid happy.

And if you’re only at the stage of thinking about starting a family, Baby’s Room & Kids Too is definitely your choice for the widest selection of cribs and nursery furniture.

With more than 35 cribs in their showroom, the Spoerls have something to match every taste and style.

It’s a pretty well known fact around town that most kids get their start in the “Baby’s Room.”