Feeling Stressed? Get Help the Natural Way

By Zac Betts, Clinical Director, Abundant Living Medical

We hear so much about the physical toll that stress takes on our bodies.
But how much do we really believe it?

And even if we understand that stress could be slowly killing us, how can we avoid it?

The kids still need attention, the house won’t clean itself, work won’t stop requiring more than we can give in an eight-hour day, and our spouses will not suddenly agree with everything we say.

The demands of modern life seem to guarantee that all of us at times will feel “stressed out.”

Regular exercise, a healthy diet, socializing with friends, pursuing a hobby — these can all reduce stress.

But if you still feel overwhelmed despite your best efforts, medical treatment might be required.

The body processes stress with the adrenal glands, which secrete stress-fighting hormones.

When the adrenal glands become fatigued, a person can feel “stressed out.”
Common symptoms include physical exhaustion, headaches, low sex drive, memory loss, energy depletion, loss of appetite, craving salty foods, sweating and irritability.

Several natural options are available for adrenal fatigue treatment.

If the adrenal issues are in the low- to mid-range, a natural adrenal supplement can be prescribed that would give the adrenal glands the support they need and improve the body’s ability to deal with stress.

Most people fall into this category of treatment.

For those with more severe adrenal issues, the most common form of treatment is cortisol, a hormone produced by the adrenal glands.

Natural cortisol can be administered through creams, pills or shots.

The basic principle behind adrenal fatigue is a lack of cortisol production by the adrenal glands.

In fact, it is lack of cortisol that generally causes weight gain in the midsection.

For this reason, using supplements with natural cortisol for more extreme cases of adrenal fatigue is imperative for the body’s return to health.

Although these are believed to be the most proven treatment methods, other options exist and can be discussed with your knowledgeable health-care practitioner.

Remember, although stress can be a killer, there are natural ways to minimize its effects.