Iodine Is Crucial for a Normal Thyroid: Benefits Exceed Blocking Radiation

By Zac Betts, Clinical Director, Abundant Living Medical

Following the earthquake, tsunami and threat of nuclear meltdown in Japan, reports of iodine and its ability to shield the thyroid gland from radiation have cropped up in media accounts.

By helping to prevent the thyroid gland from absorbing radiation, iodine blunts its harmful effects.

Following the nuclear accident in Chernobyl in 1986, research studies indicated that 36.4% of children under the age of 4 at the time of exposure to radiation later developed thyroid cancer.

Ten years after the accident, the only significant debilitating effects of the radiation exposure were thyroid issues, while other cancers, including leukemia, increased no more than 3%.

Beyond blocking radioactivity, iodine is crucial to the proper function of the thyroid, which controls metabolism.

People who struggle to lose weight may have under-productive thyroids, which can be directly related to iodine.

Other symptoms of an irregular thyroid are lack of energy, difficulty with body temperature regulation, poor sleep, and hair and skin issues.

For those with hypothyroidism, proper medication is crucial, but too often those iodine medications are insufficient.

The thyroid uses iodine to produce the hormones T3 and T4. Without adequate levels of these molecules, the thyroid can’t function normally.

Although most medications contain T4, they often have no T3 at all.
That explains why many people continue to be symptomatic, even after years of medication.

Two treatment options that you can discuss with your doctor are “Armour” thyroid and bioidentical thyroid treatment.

Both are natural thyroid prescriptions, which have been on the market for years and are highly effective.

Both treatments deliver adequate amounts of T3 in addition to T4.

When taken with consistent levels of iodine, it will cause most symptoms to disperse.

In fact, a vast majority of patients at Abundant Living Medical clinic, who had taken thyroid medication for years without cessation of symptoms, have improved.

This was accomplished by simply restoring the body’s various natural levels to a healthy state and allowing the body to “fix itself.”

We humans are beautiful and wonderfully made machines.

When given the tools and adequate levels of vitamins, minerals and hormones needed to work properly, the body shows remarkable restorative abilities.