Serving the Disadvantaged at DeLima Stables

By Laurie Evans

For Mary DeLima, owner of DeLima Stables in Harrodsburg, “Just Do It” is more than a Nike advertising slogan.

When the minister at her church used that slogan in a sermon about employing your passion as a way of helping others, DeLima knew it was time to forge ahead with her plans to offer a free summer horseback riding camp to kids from low-income families.

With the help of a troop of volunteers, DeLima organized and directed a free week of camp for children identified by the Mercer County public schools as being the most needy.

For many of these kids, DeLima’s camp was the first time they’d been involved in an extracurricular activity.

The campers had lessons in horsemanship, tacking and riding plus horse-themed crafts and snacks.

The camp has a Christian focus and each child received a Bible and a gift from one of the volunteers at the end of the program.

The volunteers at the program were so inspired by these young riders that a group came forward and offered to sponsor some of the kids for an entire year of riding lessons.

DeLima is in the process of setting up a non-profit foundation with board members Lynne Gramza, Donna Hankla and Tricia Slayer.

Their plan is to raise funds and apply for grants so that more disadvantaged children in the area can have their first chance to ride a horse.

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