Growing Peaceful Families Finds New Home Downtown

Growing Peaceful Families has found a home at Shelby Cottage, a renovated building at 118 Constitution St. in Lexington, behind Sayre School.

This parent and teacher education program has been helping bring more peace to families and classrooms in the Lexington area since 2005.

Offerings include the five-week course, “Redirecting Children’s Behavior.”

Parents learn how to address feelings compassionately, set limits, and to understand misbehavior in order to tailor discipline more effectively.

After completing the course, parents can join an ongoing parent support group or be coached individually.

Growing Peaceful Families also offers a monthly book club following the book “A Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal” by Renee Trudeau.

“The Parent As Coach Approach” is designed especially for parents of teens.

Inspired by the work of Diana Sterling, the course teaches parents the seven ways to improve their relationships with their teens and how to support them as they grow into responsible, independent adults.

Growing Peaceful Families also presents workshops and seminars for schools, PTOs, church and community groups.

Holder of the Kentucky Early Childhood Trainers Credential, GPF facilitates workshops and seminars for early childhood educators.

Info: 859-333-3053 or