Get Real With Your Health For Health and Wellness, Consider Natural Medicines

By Dr. Phil Roberts and Zac Betts, Clinical Director, ALMC

It’s safe to say that everyone wants health, but what about wellness?

In the health-care field, “health” seems to overshadow “wellness.”

Nursing homes are filled with patients who have health, yet lack wellness.

Too often we allow ourselves to be treated for symptoms and neglect to treat the root cause of our ailments.

One problem in health-care is medication.

Routinely, medicines are prescribed that generate side effects worse than the original symptoms.

Natural medicine has been with us since the birth of time and usually comes with no side effects.

But as the business of medicine has evolved, pharmaceutical companies focus on creating proprietary cures and treatments that can be worth billions in revenues even though natural cures and treatments are available right in front of us.

The challenge for today’s doctor is to figure out an appropriate balance between natural and synthetic medicine.

Consider these well-known treatments that are available in synthetic form but are also readily available in natural options without side effects.

  • Bioidentical hormone replenishment (which is derived from soy or yam) is molecularly synonymous to the hormones produced in our bodies and provides dramatic results and benefits.
  • Natural progesterone can be powerful in the treatment of hair and skin issues, and has been recently identified as a powerful aid in the treatment and recovery of head trauma and brain injuries.
  • Vitamin B-12 is often used for an increase in energy and to ease migraine symptoms.
  • Fish oil has been highly effective in helping to prevent heart issues before they start.
  • Vitamin D has proven to be a powerful aid in the prevention of osteoporosis, depression and even cancer.
  • Probiotics are an essential element in the proper treatment of many of today’s stomach issues and acid-reflux cases.


Change is desperately needed in today’s health-care.

The human body is made to run on all things natural, and the days of real foods and natural medicines have all but been replaced by thousands of choices and titillating marketing campaigns.

Natural medicine still has a solid place in a synthetic medical world.

Man-made synthetic medicines and natural medicine can complement each other.