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Have you still not decided if Fayette County School needs a Wellness Policy? Check out this comments:

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This season marks the 19th year of the Mission of Hope’s Christmas Campaign that serves students and their families in the poorest counties in Appalachia, more than half of which are in Kentucky. MOH, a Knoxville-based Christian charity, serves 17,500 students at 27 schools where nearly all of the students receive free or reduced lunch.

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Twelve years into her career as a middle school teacher, Joyce Bruner arrived at Jessamine Central — the county’s alternative school — for a job interview and she discovered that half of the school was housed in a double-wide trailer. The other half sat in the bottom of an ancient building, and the principal’s office was her van.

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It took a while for senior Ben Young to focus exclusively on cross country, and the Tates Creek High team is glad he did.

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T he physician-patient relationship has been referred to as a therapeutic alliance.

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The parent testimonials that trumpet the success of children and line one whole wall in Dr. Rick Graebe’s office in Versailles serve as a reminder of the underlying principle of his practice – the Golden Rule.

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One of the first rules parents learn when they enroll their children in Fayette Cooperating Preschool is “Don’t dress your kids up.”

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