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Mom Approved Doctors »


We know that moms rely on each other to refer information about products, services and physicians.

So, we are asking you to recommend OB-GYN who earn your Mom stamp of approval.

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Shortstuff »


Celebrations for the Fourth of July in Lexington kick off on Thursday, July 2, with the Great American Pie and Ice Cream Social at noon in the Fifth Third Bank Pavilion at Cheapside Park downtown.

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Mom Approved Doctors »


We’ve made it our goal to find the Best Doctors in the Bluegrass in the best way we know how – with help from our readers. Moms know better than anyone else which doctors go the extra mile for their patients.

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Family »


You’ve promised yourself for years that you would visit local festivals and this is the summer to do it. Why not fulfill that promise and treat yourself to a day or two of festival shopping, fun attractions, unique events and delicious food? Here are 9 festivals you don’t want to miss.

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Family »


Recent research demonstrates that creativity promotes good mental health. That’s a concept that local entrepreneur Laurie Evans has imprinted in her DNA.

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Education »


When you outline all the benefits of Asbury University’s unique dual enrollment program for high school juniors and seniors, you wonder how any family can resist.

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Family Health »


When Lexington mom Rania Burke sought a preschool for her two children, she wanted them exposed to as much variety as possible.

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KU's Scholar Athlete »


If you want to understand the physics of what makes a baseball curve, a good person to ask would be John Van Balen, catcher on the Sayre School baseball team and one of the school’s top students.

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