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Elder Care »


Fayette County Extension Office celebrates the 20th year of its “Next Best Years of Your Life” series with this year’s one-day workshop titled, “Living the Good Life.”

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KU's Scholar Athlete »


As soon as somebody at Sayre School digs through the soccer archives to find all the scoring records, they can tear them up because junior midfielder Will Newton is having a record-shattering career.

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Asbury Educator of the Month »


As much as he yearns for friends and relatives in his homeland of war-ravaged Iraq, Husam (Sam) AlMimar has found a second home as a computer and technology teacher at Woodford County Middle School.

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Family Health »


For more than 35 years, Hospice of the Bluegrass has worked to meet the needs of those coping with loss.

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Dr. Graebe »


While wearing contact lenses for a night or two while sleeping, presto, an extremely nearsighted person can regain nearly 20-20 vision.

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Dr. Ison »


One of the culprits responsible for the alarming obesity rise among both children and adults in the U.S. is too little physical activity.

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Take your pick of family-friendly festivals close to home!

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