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Mom Approved Doctors »


We know that moms rely on each other to refer information about products, services and physicians.

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Summer Camps »

It’s been a long, cold winter but summer is really just around the corner. Time to start making plans for all of your family’s summer fun.

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Family Health »


Top Ten Things Parents Need to Know About E-Cigarettes

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KU's Scholar Athlete »


The first of 200 times that the parents of a Scholar Athlete opened their doors and welcomed me into their home to meet and interview their impressive child was 17 years ago – August 1997 – and the Scholar Athlete was worth remembering.

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My New Heartbeat »


Everyone knows about the “Terrible Two’s.” When your child’s tantrums (supposedly) hit their peak and defiance is rampant.
We made it through year two with our daughter, but we now have the dreaded “Threenager.”

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Asbury Educator of the Month »


It’s 7:45 a.m. on a recent Tuesday and Veronica Napier is putting the finishing touches on the visual for the new math unit for her fifth-graders at Justice Elementary in Winchester.

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KU's Scholar Athlete »


there’s another side to William – the quiet intellectual. A member of the pre-engineering program at Lafayette, William, 17, carries a 4.9 weighted GPA, scored 31 on the ACT and ranks No. 5 in his class.

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Spotlight on the Arts »


When Harper Toney, a senior at Lafayette SCAPA, was planning her classes for the 2013-14 school year, she realized the school lacked a course she wanted.

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