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KU’s Scholar Athlete

KU's Scholar Athlete »


How many All-State soccer players have already programmed their own photo editing software? At the top of that short list sits 17-year-old senior Alyssa Montgomery of Dunbar High.

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Family »


Young children know they are artists. Give them a pencil and they’ll draw. Play music and they’ll dance and sing. Forget the music. They’ll dance and sing anyway.
Give them an instrument and they’ll play you a tune – most likely an original composition.

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Shortstuff »


On Monday, Jan. 19 the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom March will be held in downtown Lexington with a commemorative program to follow.

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Birthdays »

The Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition is proposing that Fayette County schools adopt a policy where school celebrations include healthy choices along with food like cake and ice cream.

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Family Health »


There is an inconsistency between our thoughts and our actions when it comes to advance care planning.
When surveyed, almost all of us agree that advance care planning is critically important.

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Dr. Ison, Family Health »


In 30 years of practice, far too many of Dr. Rick Graebe’s more than 60,000 patient examinations have shared a common trait – a misdiagnosis.

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My New Heartbeat »


Around my daughter’s fourth birthday, the topic of tablets came up as a gift idea. It was a generous offer by those involved, but my husband and I are united on this front – No major electronic purchases for the kiddo.

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Dr. Ison, Family Health »


Conspiracy theories abound on the Internet, and a few of these single out immunizations as agents causing harm to children.

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